Want to become a vendor?


  The primary goal of the Covington Farmers Market is to provide a convenient and enjoyable location for approved vendors to sell their products as efficiently as possible.
  To accomplish this goal, restrictions must be placed on the types of goods offered and on the level of supply of certain goods.
 Not being accepted as a vendor is not necessarily a reflection of the applicant or the product offered; as the Covington Farmers Market grows, and the demand for goods increases, an application once rejected may be reviewed and accepted in the future.

  The Covington Farmers Market is a "producer Only market." all products sold by vendors must be home-grown or home-made, sold by the producer, a direct family member, or an employee with significant involvement in the operation. The Covington Farmers Market offers food items only. Crafts may not be sold.

Suggestions for Prospective Vendors

  1. Prepared products should include some locally grown ingredients or have some cultural or historical link to this area.
  2. Please be specific in your application regarding what products you would offer.
  3. Products that are not represented in the Market or products which are underrepresented will be preferred over "more of the same."

General Rules and Guidelines

  1. The Covington Farmers Market is a "producer Only" event. All products sold at the Covington Farmers Market must be grown/cooked, etc. by the vendor or immediate members of the vendor's family. The vendor may be an employee of the producer as long as the vendor is involved in some aspects of on-site production
  2. Items may not be purchased and resold for profit at the Covington Farmers Market.
  3. Produce and prepared items not grown, cooked, etc. at the address listed on the application cannot be sold at the Covington Farmers Market,
  4. All vendors shall allow a Covington Farmers Market representative to inspect their facility at a convenient scheduled time.
  5. All accepted vendors must have a Sales Tax Registration Certificate available at the St. Tammany Parish Courthouse Sheriff's Office on Columbia Street in Covington. Those vendors who qualify for exemptions must have their exemption certificate and can get them online at the LA Department of Revenue.
  6. Hold Harmless Clause: All vendors participating in the Covington Farmers Market shall be individually responsible for any loss, personal injury, death, and/or other damage that might occur as a result of the vendor's negligence or that of its servants, agents, and employees. Because no insurance is provided to participants in the Covington Farmers Market each vendor is responsible for his/her own product liability insurance.
  7. Space assignment is made at the discretion of the Covington Farmers Market Director. No guarantee is made that space will be reserved indefinitely for a vendor. The location determined for the vendor by the director is not subject to dispute.
  8. Vendors should inform the market director at least 3 days before the market if they will not be participating in that market. Call (985) 966-1786.
  9. Rent Schedule: Rent of $80.00 per month ($100.00 per 5-week month) will be due on the first market day of the month and $5.00 on Wednesday will be due that day at the market. Bags will be provided. 
  10. A vendor's acceptance may be rescinded based on the diminished quality of the product, inconsistent attendance, or other significant reasons.
  11. Absence from the Covington Farmers Market for four consecutive weeks will require a reapplication which may or may not be done by telephone and will result in the loss of the vendor's space at the Covington Farmers Market. It is the responsibility of the vendor to contact the Covington Farmers Market regarding his/her return.


Obtain an application from Jan Biggs at the Covington Farmers Market. This application must be completed by both established vendors who wish to introduce a new product and prospective new vendors and returned to Jan Biggs. Prior to introducing a new product, a vendor must complete the appropriate parts of the application form, and be approved for the new product. All parties interested in selling at the Covington Farmers Market should expect a site visit from a representative of the Covington Farmers Market. Some vendors will also be expected to attend a vendors-only food safety seminar when scheduled.

New Vendors and New Products Review

A review committee will meet at least once a month to select new vendors and new products from existing vendors. In some cases, a sample of your product will be requested for tasting. Samples should be submitted in the form they are expected to be sold; that is, with packaging, labeling, etc., in place